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The key to success in our industry is maintaining the 'three C's': communication, coordination, and cooperation. With May and Associates, we put teams together in a way where all those elements are present. We guarantee honest and frequent communication; our industry experts ensure high-quality coordination; and, we support cooperation by  showing our colleagues and customers the utmost respect and staying true to our word.

Gregory K. May

Starting in the construction industry in California in 1977, Greg honed his skills in various trades while pursuing a finance degree. After relocating to Utah in 1990 and initially working in finance, Greg's enduring passion for building led him to acquire a general contractor license in 1991. His unique approach to business development, emphasizing simplicity and effectiveness, allowed his company to compete
successfully against larger firms. Returning to California in 2003, Greg expanded his leadership roles and, in 2010, founded May Construction, embedding honesty and reliability as its core values.

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