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The key to success in our industry is maintaining the 'three C's': communication, coordination, and cooperation. With May and Associates, we put teams together in a way where all those elements are present. We guarantee honest and frequent communication; our industry experts ensure high-quality coordination; and, we support cooperation by  showing our colleagues and customers the utmost respect and staying true to our word.

Gregory K. May

Skills, Leadership, and a Passion For Building

Greg started in the construction industry in California in 1977.  He gained hands-on experience in drywall, carpentry, metal, and precision drywall before and while obtaining his college degree in finance 1984. Upon moving to Utah in 1990, Greg continued working in finance until  he realized his passion was really with building all along. Greg received his general contractor license in 1991 in Utah. Putting his finance business experience to work, Greg developed skills for business development by keeping his company straightforward, uncomplicated, and relatively small while competing against far bigger companies. Upon moving back to California in 2003, Greg furthered his leadership experience by holding positions as a Superintendent and Senior Project Manager for several large general contractors in Southern California. Eventually in 2010, Greg decided to marry his passion for construction and business development by pursuing projects with his own company, May Construction (now called May & Associates).

Tenets of Honesty and Reliability

Greg believes that when it comes to working with others, honesty and reliability are not just things to strive for, but values to live by. Greg has built these tenets into May & Associates, bringing into action a straightforward commitment to doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Commitments related to cost, quality, and time are made in earnest: "be honest and live up to it".

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